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Hello! I’m Vanessa. I am the quiet, gentle-spirited sister at Eternal Family Project. I spent my entire child and teen-hood living with my sister at an orphanage, but by the grace of God I was given the opportunity by EFP two years ago to continue my education. I am now focusing on finishing university and working so that I may get my sister out of the orphanage, and as of August 2009 I have finished my first year of the business program! Because I go to school in San Pedro Sula, I live at the University House where two of my EFP sisters and I cook, clean, study, and take care of ourselves independently. It has been a very different experience for me to live without depending on others for meals and other needs; there is so much to discover about living on my own that I never learned at the orphanage. At the University House I also get to have fun, and I love watching movies with my sisters and playing the video game, “Dance Dance Revolution”. I am also learning how to swim, as I never had the opportunity to develop any hobbies or athletic skills when I was at the orphanage. Allison says I am a very determined girl with a beautiful smile. She also thinks I’m very helpful when I visit my little EFP sisters. I love hanging out at the main house whenever I can, but am very excited to graduate university so I can support my sister!