Sarai m.

age | 30

Hi! I’m Sarai, and I was one of the first girls to join Eternal Family Project. As a 20 year old I left the orphanage where I grew up and moved to EFP to finish high school. In 2007 I graduated high school, and I now live with the older girls at the University House in San Pedro Sula. At the house we cook and clean for ourselves and learn to live independently as adults. I am studying nursing, and hope to become a midwife. My dream is to start a local health clinic for pregnant mothers and their children. Allison, I think of her as my big sister, describes me as a very sensitive, compassionate, and determined woman who will make an awesome nurse when I graduate in 2016. In the meantime I enjoy going swimming, hanging out with my EFP sisters, listening and dancing to music (I am a fantastic salsa dancer!) and watching musicals. I am also really good with children, and love to play, laugh, and do arts and craft projects with my little EFP sisters As you can see, my life is very busy! I can’t wait to see what things God has in store for me in the years ahead.