age | 33

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Hi! I’m Ruth. I am one of the original young women who came to Eternal Family Project when the ministry began in 2004. I was in and out of orphanages from the age of 5, but in 2004 I was welcomed into Allison’s home. At EFP I found the opportunity to finish my education, and while working for my high school diploma I also completed a 2 year Cosmetology program. I graduated high school in November 2008, and I attend general classes at the local university. When I’m not in school, I translate for missions teams using my excellent English comprehension. At EFP I love to watch funny movies, sing while cleaning the house, and go swimming. Allison says I have a fantastic work ethic, and that I am an incredible cook. I also have a fireball personality and a great sense of humor. Many consider me generous, and I freely offer pedicures and hairstyling to my friends and family. My ambition is to graduate from law school. As a lawyer, I hope to work for the Honduran child services, and ensure children receive the rights they deserve.