birthday | 8 may '02


Hi! I’m Paola and I am the older sister to Michelle and Sarai, but I also have many other adopted sisters. When I lived with my biological family I had very little to eat and was not treated very nicely. I was taken to a public orphanage where I lived until my new mommy came and took me and my sisters home in 2007. My sisters and I stayed close together, and it took me two weeks to get used to the yummy food, comfy bed and new home. Now I couldn’t imagine living without my loving mommy and the entire family, and my bed, OMG I’ll stay there half the day. Of course I need the energy for all of my dancing once I get up. I would love to become a ballerina. I love all kinds of dancing; ballet, tap, Xbox, acrobatic, freestyling - bring it on! Mommy says I always let her know what’s going on with my sisters. She thinks I’m a great nanny, and that I’m a very good girl and a perfectionist! I guess I do try to perfect what I do, but I like math, science and art the most. When I’m not in school, I never fail to ask to do arts and crafts; I sometime spend hours just sitting at the table painting, crocheting, or making bracelets.